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"Just one more photo"

The famous words of every photographer on the planet.  "Just one more photo"

My name is Michael Belinski and I'm a New England based landscape photographer and Wedding Filmmaker.  I first started my photography journey while hiking to the summit of Mount Everest at the age of five.  The vast landscape of the Himalayan Mountains took my breath away while my strong physique at age five was not even tampered with by that small hike to the top.


If I'm not out climbing the Himalayan Mountains, I am most likely on the couch or in bed eating ice cream.  And if you thought I really climbed any mountain at any age, I never truly have.  I often look for the photo spot where I walk sub 500 feet from my car while skittishly looking to make sure a bear doesn't try to rip me in half.  

I thoroughly enjoy traveling as an escape from the real world and one day plan to travel the country in a converted school bus for a year (seriously).  The travel bug caught me while studying abroad and I haven't looked back since.  If I failed to take at least two vacations in a year, then I must be bedridden or my camera broke since I don't carry it with a strap around my neck.


I have worked with companies across New England on commercial photography and video projects, and in 2018 I created my first wedding film for a co-worker.  

Since then, I have been creating wedding films for newlywed couples across the region on their special day.  My goal for every wedding film is to make the couple cry happy tears of joy as they remember their wedding day.

If you have any questions about my photos, wedding films (or wedding photography from business partner) or have a commercial project in mind, you can always ask through the contact page on my website or shoot me an email at

I hope to chat soon, and until then, you can catch me on the trails of Mount Everest.

Commercial Clients

Since 2018, I have worked with numerous clients for photography, video production, graphic design and marketing development.  Below are a few companies I have worked closely with over the past few years.  If you have a project or idea in mind, feel free to reach out to me here!

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